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I I Iihii 

■■■^ ■ ■" 



BL UE DEMON are a local Mexican 
wrestling inspired garage punk trio, BLUE 
DEMOmi moonlights for the TIJUANA 
BIBLES. BLUE DEMON played live on 
Equalizing-X-Distort on Sunday September 
1st and we had a chance to talk with them. 
Here is what transpired. Thanks to Candy for 
taking the photos. 

Who is in the band and what instruments 
do you play ? 

Blue Demon #1 (BDl): Vm the Blue Demon, 

of course. This is Blue Demon #2 and this is 

Blue Demon #3. You got that ? It's not that 

hard to figure out. 

I did, but for the folks at home, which 

Demon is on which instrument ? 

BDl : Blue Demon #2 would be playing the 

drums and #3 is on the guitar. That leaves me 

on the bass. 

How long have you been together ? 

BDl : We have actually been playing with 

this line up for about a year now. 

How did BLUE DEMON - the group - 

form ? 

BD 1 : We got sucked into playing a show for 

Stacey Case at the Cameron House for one of 

his film nights, but it kind of got out of hand 



y. : 

and you know, we ditched him and here we 


Can you tell me about the legend of Blue 
Demon ? 

BDl: What do you mean by that ? 

Who is Blue Demon ? 

BDl: Oh, you don't know. Blue Demon was 
a legendary wresder in the 50's and 60's in 
Mexico. In 1952 he was the wrestling 
champion of Mexico. From there he went on 
to a distinguished film career in the 60 's and 
early 70 's. He did a lot of films with Santo, 
who is another wrestler. He is kind of like the 
Mexican Batman, but way cooler and without 
the little boy wonder, if you know what I 

Blue Demon #2 on drums 

Blue Demon #3 torturing his guitar 

How come you don't do any songs with 
lyrics ? 

BDl : Well it just makes it easier that way. 
Less talk, more rock. That's my motto. 
What are some of the themes behind your 
songs ? 

BDl : Basically it is all about sex and 
genitalia, you know ? I think you get the idea. 
In terms of sound, what have people 
described you like ? Who do you consider 
influences ? 

BDl: Actually, Imantz Krumins was saying 
just the other night that we are the only 
instrumental band that he has seen that aren't 
boring. And Imantz should know, he has seen 

it all. 

Who do you consider influences ? 

BDl: On my part, definitely the 
stuff like that. LINK WRAY, you know. All 
the greats. 

BD3: Lots of Black metal. Any of the 
Norwegian stuff like that. That is a little bit 

Blue Demon #1 on bass 


of the influence we got going on in there, too. 

BDl : There is a bit of a mix there going on. It 

is definitely instrumental surf but with a 

definite punk rock-heavy edge going on, for 


BD3 : We are rolling it up all in one big pot. 

Should I ask you, Blue Demon #2, what 

your influences are ? 

BD2: Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Ghetto Boys. 

Do you guys have anything coming out in 

terms of recording or anything ? 

BD 1 : Yeah, actually because we are doing 

this recording here, we are going to have 

something coming out on Schizophrenic 

Records, who are putting out a comp CD. 

There is going to be RIOT99, 


It's heavy, there is no fuckin' wimpin' 

around on this. Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to 

swear there. I lost it for a second. 

Can't keep your composure all the time. 

At that point the tape cut off and we lost the 
rest of the interview, but you are able to reach 
BLUE DEMON directly at 324 Dundas Street 
West, Toronto, ONM5T 1G5 Canada or by 
e-mail at bluedemons@jthebluedemons. com 
and they also have a Website at: 


DOWN BELOW are a band from Toronto fea- 
turing members from TRIGGERHAPPY, the 
band recorded on May 24, 2002 in Studio 3 and 
we got a chance to talk to them. This interview 
aired live on Equalizing-X-Distort on Sunday 
October 6th. 

Who is in the band and what do you play ? 

Phil (P): I'm Phil and I play bass. 
Al (A): My name is Al and I sing. 
Rich (R): I'm Rich and I play electric guitar. 
Mike (M): My name is Mike and I like weed 
and my last name is Dutchin. 
Brian (B): I'm Brian and I play guitar. 
How did DOWN BELOW form ? Who meet 
who ? Who got brought in and at what times? 
A: Brian, Phil, and myself 
all work together at a skate- 
board distribution place in 
Scarborough and we were 
ah... we didn't know Mike at 
the time and we didn't know 
Rich, but all of us were feel- 
ing the vibe. We were all very well versed in 
bullshit and disappointment and we had all ex- 
changed our war stories about our previous 

So you weren't in bands at this time ? 
A: No, no, no. Well Brian was still in the 
TIREKICKERS at the time. 
So you meet each other through this skate- 
board distribution place ? 
A: We all worked at this place and we all said 
"Fuck, bands are really really stupid and bands 
are really really dumb and we could start a re- 
ally good band. We could start a better band and 
then Phil and Brian got together, wrote some 
really really good songs and they said that they 
needed a drummer and this band in Toronto 
called BLANK STARE had just folded and Mike 
was filling in playing drums for them, helping 
them out. 

M: I actually meet Al at the Warped tour two or 
three years ago. I was playing with BLANK 
STARE and then I meet him on the street and he 
said "Hey do you want to play drums for these 
two ?" and that's it. And then we got Rich. 
A: Well actually then I joined the band. And 
these guys went and practised by themselves 
and then Brian and Phil told me that I was their 
singer as opposed to "Would you like..." or 
"Come and be...", they said "You're going to be 
our singer. We're going to practise at this certain 
time." And I got there and I heard the songs 
What was the initial idea behind starting 

^We were all very well 
versed in bullshit and 
disappointment... ^^ 

DOWN BELOW in terms of the kind of 
band you wanted to start ? Common lis- 
tening thing... 

B: I think with Phil and I, we were listening to 
a lot of the same stuff. He loves the U.S. 
BOMBS and I am a big CLASH fan and we 
just wanted to do something sort of in that 
vein, but the thing is once everyone got to- 
gether the band has actually grown a lot. The 
musical genres that we are hitting is a lot big- 
ger than what Phil and I had first intended on. 
A: There is a lot of bands that I, honestly, had 
never ever listened to before that. I never 
thought I would become a fan of And it wasn't 
because I didn't like the music, I just didn't 
know about it because, you yourself know 
that there is 8 million different versions of 
punk rock nowadays and its really really wierd 
to stay in one kind for a while. You can stay in 
So Cal, you can stay in '77, you can stay in 
San Francisco freak-out core, or Japanese 
shoelace core. There is lots of room to grow. 
There is a lot of older bands that we have been 
listening to. A lot of TEENAGE HEAD, like 
we were talking about earlier, a lot of 
FORGOTTEN REBELS, and just a real.... I 

won't say national kind of 
influence, but you know, 
history is a really important 
factor in the band because 
we all educate each other 
about new bands, old 
bands, bands that have 
broken up, bands that we didn't know were 
still together and we like to think the DOWN 
BELOWS is more of the past 25 years of punk 
rock 'n roll and it is almost jokingly called a 
Broadway revue. A safety pin pantomime. 
Who do you consider influences on the 

B: Brian likes to drink Rye and Coke and Mike 
likes to smoke pot. I like to smoke pot, too. 
From a musical standpoint.... 
M: Bill Stevenson as a drummer. I'm big time 
into Bill Stevenson. 

A: Mike hasn't obviously met him yet. 
B: Phil is into the FORGOTTEN REBELS, 
the U.S. BOMBS, '77 stuff 
A: You like the RAMONES. 





extension of tine weekly radio siiow lieard on 
CIUT 89.5 FIVI every Sunday nigiits from 
1 0:00pm 'til midnight (Participants: Ben Edgar, 
Jonah Faico, Martin Parkas, Simon Harvey, 
Stephe Perry, and Mark Rodenhizer). 

The show dedicates itself to the 
underground hardcore punk scene. There is a 
particular emphasis on international releases in 
the developing thrash, power violence, straight 
edge, grind, burning spirits, garage, chaos punk, 
and Killed By Death scenes, which means we 
play material like the Riistyterror, Brody's 
Militia, Infect, Crucial Unit, Knucklehead, 
B-Girls, Anti-Cimex, and the Forgotten Rebels. 

There is a weekly demo feature (paying 
homage to the cassette format), weekly event 
listings, and a monthly top 1 retrospective look at 
new releases. 


CIUT 89.5 FM 

Sundays 10:00 pm - midnight 

91 St. George Street, 

Toronto, ON 

M5S 2E8 


Request Line: (416) 946-7000 



CIUT 89.5 FM - "Equalizing Distort" 

Top 10 Hardcore Releases 

for October 2002 





1. Herodishonest 



Storms Minimart 

2. Acursed 

Livet ar den langsta vagen... 



3. Mad Rats 

Speed Kills 


625 Prod'ns 

4. John Browns Army 

Who Fucked the Culture Up?12" 


5. Infect 




6. Asbestos 

Belong to Nowehere 



7. Hate Unit 

(fuck) growing up 



8. Complain 

Make a Mistake 


625 Prod'ns 

9. Armed with IntelHgence 

/ the Young 


Garbage Picking Youth 


Punk Before... 

10. Bjelke Petersen Youth / Headless Horsemen 




Equalizing Distort can be heard every Sunday night on CIUT 89.5 FM at 10:00 pm. The top 10 
countdown can be heard in its entirety, complete with previews of the picks and analysis on the 
previous month in hardcore, on the last Sunday of the month. 

Brian Wicks on guitar and A! Nolan is the singer. 

R: The stuff that we play anyways, most of it 
is melodic. Whether it is FORGOTTEN 
REBELS stuff, TEENAGE HEAD, old punk, 
new punk, I think the common thread is that it 
is pretty melodic and this is the first time.... like 
we just actually got a recording that we made a 
few weeks ago and it is the first time that I 
really really listened to what Al was doing and 
I was even surprised at how melodic every- 
thing was. Like I knew he could sing, but I was 

A: Thanks Rich. That's why you're in the band. 
R: I was like we don't have to talk behind his 
back about another singer anymore {loads of 

B: That's why your number 5. You keep talk- 
ing like that and you'll be number .... 
R: Last to join, first to leave. 
Can you describe your sound ? 
A: Shitty. Like Tonight, {starts laughing) 
What have people said that you sound like? 
There was a number of things that I heard 
when I was listening to you guys play. 
Things like the FEEDERZ, the CRAMPS, 
some country influences, but also melodic 
things. I even heard things as far back as 
the SKIDS. Some early Scottish punk. 
A: We like BIG COUNTRY a lot better than 
the SKIDS, personally {said facetiously). 
...but anyway, what have people said that 
you sound like ? What have you heard from 
people ? 

A: Yesterday we got the CRAMPS and TOM 
PETTY. I don't know if that is a rickenbacker 
sort of thing or something like that but it is 
kind of funny. That was someone from the 
SINISTERS, actually that said that, which was 
kind of funny. 

R: I played the CD for a friend of mine and he 
said "Well what does it sound like ?" and I said 
"It is this new punk rock band that I am in." 

And when he listened to it the first thing he 

said, actually there was three people in my car, 

and they said "I wouldn't call this punk rock 

because your singer can actually sing." And 

these are coming from non-punk rock folks. 

A: Rich and I have been dating for about three 

weeks now {laughter). I was doubling someone 

home on my bike and I had it on in my walkman 

on my headphones and it was coming out so 

loud that the person I was doubling home on 

my bike said "You know I wouldn't really call 

you guys a punk rock band because your guitar 

players can really really play." 

R: How about that ? 

M: Here we go jerking each other off. 

B: Maybe I will be on my knees a little later. 

M: Actually what I heard is that we are not 

really a punk rock band because your drummer 

is so jazzy. He's got those jazz licks. 

A: Isn't jazz french for mistakes ? 

M: I think a lot of people think of us as a jazz 

fusion band. 

Seeing as this is going to be on a punk rock 

show, how about hardcore references ? 

A: Okay, here we go. I will narrow it down for 

you. The way the band honestly is, is it is 

more of a vibe, it sounds silly, it is more of a 

vibe, it is more of an attack, it is more of a 

being, if you will. 

R: {In a British Beatles accent) It's punk rock 

AND roll {laughter). 

A: So the way I look at it jokingly is the five of 

us like being around each other for some weird 

reason, and that's really strange in a musical 

band situation nowadays. So I look at it in the 

way that the band wouldn't really sound like 

the band if Mike wasn't in it and if Brian 

wasn't in it and if Rich wasn't in it, so 

B: What about Phil? 

A: And Phil. Your the quiet one. Your wearing 

black. I didn't recognize you. I didn't see you 

against these walls and everything. So what I 

am saying is the band individually is like 

infiuenced by a lot of stuff but if it really came 

down to it, and cocaine and hookers and all that 

Bloor Street stuff, what it would really come 

down to is I would have to say if someone 

asked me what it was "Al what does the 

DOWN BELOWS sound like ?" I would say it 

would have to be a cross between the SEX 


M: Sex monkeys {laughing). 

A: In approach, in goofiness, in pop, in 


M: We are actually looking for our own tv show 

right now. 

A: ...that's the way I try to view the band. I 

view it as a tv show. 

...but I did hear some SEX PISTOLS riffs 

when you first started doing sound check 

and it was...I don't think it was a riff, but it 

just sounded like the SEX PISTOLS. 

A: We cover "Bodies". It is in our live set. 

I wanted to skip over topics. I wanted to go 

back to the name DOWNBELOW. Where 

did the name come from ? 

R: I think everybody has a different version of 

what it means. 

P: I came up with it because I used to go down 

below on my girl. 

A: I bet you your glad that you asked that 

question or you should have asked me first. 

M: No Phil is right, it's about cunnilingus. 

A: I didn't get that memo. I don't remember 

that e-mail. I think the name is pretty self 

explanatory. You're down below. Your either 

one of the downtrodden, your up and coming 

or whatever but I know that there is an 

Australian saying about "that's the absolute 

dog's downbelows" or something like that. 

Reference to genetalia. 

B: {In a Beatles accent) And if you don't like 

the DOWNBELOWS, you like Hitler 


In terms of lyrics, what are some of your 

song titles and how do they reflect your 

lyrics ? 

A: Okay that's the cool thing because 

individually everybody writes lyrics and it's 

kind of cool. 

Yeah you were saying that so .... 

A: I write the sissy songs, like the "whoa, whoa, 

whoa is me... baby" songs. Brain writes the more 

current events kind of songs and then Phil writes 

these real nasty switchblade like "wrong me 

and rn kill ya" kind of songs. 

M: And I don't write songs. That's me, Mike, 

the drummer doesn't write songs. 

A: Well Mike provides the original lyric, the 

original music, the beat to all of our songs and 

then Rich writes these catchy little actual 

decipherable lyrics songs that won't allow any 


B: He's actually probably the biggest pansy in 

the band. 

A: I thought I was, but I am starting to look a 

lot bigger around you guys. 

M: See when Rich actually first started 

practising with us, he would come to practise 

wearing brown cords, so we called him Rich 


R: And Mike drummed for TUULI. 

M: That hurts. 

A: Next question quick Stephe. 

M: Any publicity is good publicity. We don't 

want any publicity for them (TUULI). 

A: {In a Beatles accent) If you like TUULI, 

you like Hitler (laughter). 

What are some of some of your song titles 

and how do they reflect in terms of lyrics ? 

A: We have a song called "Downbelow". It's 

our theme song. We have a song called "Miss 

You Forever", which we played tonight. We 

have a song called "Tonight we go to war with 

everyone", which is our more political song. 

We have "52 Pick Up with your Teeth". We 

have "Double-D Donna". We're styrofoam to 

bio-degradable. You could smash beer bottles 

over peoples heads and also.... 

M: Yeah, life's tough and when you don't have 

money all you can do is sing. No seriously, it's 

all about not having any money or any power 

or any kind of . . . . 

A: Yes Mike. 

B: It's about not having a brain. 

R: No Future. 

A: It's .05% President's Choice and 10% crust. 

M: Yeah it's about no future and no bank 

account and living on your credit cards. 

A: I like to think that there is DOWNBELOW 

songs that you could listen to in the morning 

and then songs that you could kill to. 

P: The one thing here is that, unless I could 

stand corrected here, I don't think there is a lot 

of political stuff. Is that true ? 

A: Well "Today we go to war" is a pretty serious 

political song. It's the most political song we 


B: What about "Bombs Brigade" ? 

P: Yeah but "Today we are going to war" is just 

about an argument. 

A: But we have a line in the song that says "If 

our government lies, our government pays with 

the innocent costs". 

P: Okay I stand corrected. I should have read 

the lyrics. 

A: You're the one who said I was a good singer 

because you could hear me. 

P: I can't understand ya, I can hear the melody. 

M: Most of our songs are about Manitoba, .... 

marijuana that is grown in Manitoba in 

hydroponic set ups. 

A: It's called "Marinatoba". 

M: They are mostly about weed, most of our 

songs. That's kind of political, I guess. 

A: We are going on tour with CYPRESS HILL. 

GRASSHOPPER are getting back together 

again and would like to go out with us and 


One last question about lyrics. I am going 

to ask each one of you if you could tell me 

what your favourite song from a lyrical 

standpoint is and why ? 

A: From our band ? 


Left to Right: Brian Wields on guitar, A! Nolan on vocals, Phil on bass, and Rich on 

P: "It doesn't matter if you're in love". 
Why do you like that one ? 

P: Personal reasons. Pretty obvious one to get. 
R: It's got something to do with that girl. 
A: She was a cougar. 

R: How about you Al what would you say ? 
A:Well the cool thing is I can't remember any 
of the lyrics to any of the songs that I wrote, 
but any of the ones that these guys have I can 
remember all of theirs. There is a lot of them I 
really really like. The one I have actually been 
really enjoying is from lyrics that Rich wrote 
and there is a really nice line in the song 
"Downbelow" where it goes something like 
"Now that the age of you and I has begun". I 
thought it was pretty inspirational. I thought it 
was kind of like Age of Aquarius. It was right 
out there with "Out of the closets and into the 
streets". It was good. 

P: Actually one of my favourites is from the 
same song "Question authority. They're the 
minority. Just because they say it doesn't mean 
that it's true." Its about going back to school 
and you get 3 kids in the room and whether 
your in grade 1 or grade 12 or whatever and 
your listening to a teacher and half the time 
there's kids in the class that are as intelligent as 
the teacher, not as experienced but as intelligent, 
and you're set up in school to do a lot of obeying 
and not a lot of figuring stuff out on your own. 
M: Oh my god, that is so sensitive. 
P: Then my other song is "Kill" (laughter). 
That's my other favourite line. 
B: Stephe, I can actually answer for Mike. His 
favourite line is "Got a Problem" (laughing). 
A: And you cha cha licks (Brain). 
B: Me actually one of Rich's lines, as well, 
from "Subterranean". 
A: Three points for Rich (clapping). 
B: I always liked this certain line. Rich has a 
huge cross section of friends from big business 
people to skids and he's got a decent house. 
He's got a nice television and one of the lines in 
the song is "You can't change the world with a 
colour tv" and he had some friends over going 

"You can afford a bigger television", but like 

why do you really need that ? I thought that 

was great. 

P: Alright Rich. 

A: I'd like to nominate Rich for class president. 

B: He's moved up to number four. 

A: I'm number four. See in the henchmen kind 

of thing it was Downbelow 1 , Downbelow 2, 

Downbelow 3, Downbelow 4, Downbelow 5 

and I have just been demoted. 

I wanted to ask you guys had 

done a recording. What is going on with 


A: We have demoed about 22 songs that we are 

sending out to various degrees of labels. Huge 

to tiny to putting it out ourselves. 

So it is undetermined what is going to 

happen with that. 

A: Yeah that's the thing man. We're not above 

anything, we're not below anything. It's like I 

said, we've all been well versed in bullshit and 

disappointment and the only people that can 

make it worse is us. 

How long has the band been together for ? 

B About a year and a half 

Twenty songs. That's amazing. 

B: Oh yeah, we have been in the studio three 

times, too. 

A: (with a Scottish accent) Christ it's been fifty 

years in the making. 

R: Well it helps that everybody can write. 

So the recording you have got... 

B: We have three different recordings. We have 

the first five songs. We went back a few months 

later recorded the same five songs plus another 

7 or 8. 

A: We made a rule that every 5 or 6 songs... new 

ones... we would go in and record them and we 

are very lucky to have a very close friend to the 

band that has a really good studio. And we still 

owe him money for it. 

B: But now that we know Ben, we hear that he 

records here for free. 

A: He recorded some band for free, I can't 

remember what they are called. 

Al Nolan in Misfits gloves screaming his guts out. 

B: I love 


{even more 

A: Look what 
they did. 
They taped 
over major 
label release. 
Ladies and 
gentleman. I 
have been in 
this punk 
rock thing for 
a long time 
and I have 
seen some 

pretty serious 

things. I have 

seen mohicans barf on baby carriages and stuff 

like that, but .... YES! {holding up the tape). 

M: That guy has good hair too {pointing at 

Jonah the guitarist for Scare Tactic). 

A: Stephe hasn't said stop yet. That's why we 

are still going. 

I want to ask you the next question which is 

what do you hope to accomplish as a band ? 

B: I want to just get back on the road. 

A: Yeah, I haven't been on tour in a long time. 

M: Yeah, get away from home. 

B: Send us anywhere, we'll play. 

A: Don't say that. 

B: I'll even play Detroit again. 

R: Actually what I really want to do, if I could 

be so bold, is to record some CDs. Like I want 

to have about 5 CDs. 

A: We want someone else to pay for it. We'd 

like to put out a couple of records. Good records 

and actually have a future you know or have 

some kind of thing because we know what we 

are doing this time around. We know what not 

to do this time around. 

What kind of places have you played ? 

A: We have just done southern Ontario. We 

have a booking agent, which is the funniest part. 

He is from Guelph and he is starting to.... we 

have been kind of out of the loop for some 

things and like we were saying there's a million 

different scenes now, that very luckily enough, 

because of our past, we can go and infiltrate 

those and play pretty much anywhere now. 

Oh, I have just gone and shot myself in the 


No, I have seen you guys on a lot of different 


R: The only thing is. Some bands, like you 

were saying, there is very segmented scenes 

where bands stick together. 

M: We played with SICK OF IT ALL and 

GOOD RIDDANCE our very first show. 

A: We are going to play the Bovine this summer 

mmn lkiijor 

Mili WliORKS 

with CHORT. 


R: But we can play many bills and it's not 

where we stick out. We can play with a bunch 

of punk bands and it's sounds good. We can 

play with some more rock 'n roll bands and 

their fans are into us which is kind of cool. So 

I think we cross a lot of boundaries. 

A: Well there is something for everybody in 

this band. I know that sounds really stupid 

and everyone has tried to say that, but we are 

trying to arrange acoustic versions of some of 

our songs. I am really really happy you heard 

the country thing because there is a few of us 

that really really like country music and I am 

glad you heard it because we have tried to 

throw it in there sometimes. 

B: I like new country but they won't let me 

play it {laughter). 

A: Brian was a champion line dancer. That's 

why he is known as "Cha Cha Wicks". 

R: That's why he is wearing his false teeth. 

How can people get in touch with 


You can write us c/o the Downbelows at 19 

Whitaker Avenue / Toronto, ON / M6J 1 A2 / 

e-mail: / web: or if you see 

us on the street just be nice because if you say 

anything wrong you are going to get this 

{pounds clenched fist). 

Are there any last comments ? 

A: RIOT99 are a good band no matter what 

anybody says about them. 

M: And the BANGERS are a good band 

because my girlfriend sings for them. 

Since the time this interview was conducted, 
DOWNBELOWS have released their debut 13 
song CD entitled "Queen & Bathurst" on 
October 32nd Records, which is the label done 
by Troy from the SINISTERS. For details check 
out www. october32nd. com. 

GUNS, LIQUOR & WHORES are 4-piecefrom 
Winnipeg. They play 'fast hardcore" and have a 
10" out on Putrid Filth Conspiracy (RFC), if 
that gives you a better indication of their sound. 
If not they do covers of INFEST and 
TURBONEGRO, which initially confused me 
before listening to them. Interview conducted by 
Simon Harvey. Photos taken by Martin Farkas 
and Katie Munn. 

I hate to start off with the most boring ques- 
tion on earth, but for the benefit of our de- 
voted listenership, why don't each of you 
introduce yourselves and tell us what you do 
in the band and why ? 
Cam (C): My name is Cam. I sing in the band. 
To be totally honest, I have damaged vocal 
chords and am not sure why I joined. I do it for 
the love of these friends of mine. 
Jason (J): He's a masochist. I'm Jizzon or Jason. 
I'm the bassist... the big dumb bassist {laughter) 
He's the basis of the band. 
J: I'm the basis member of the band. Yeah Jizzon 
Pennis or Jason Penner or whatever you want 
to call me. 
C: J-Diddy 

J: J-Diddy, that will suffice. I'm in this band 
because I have wanted to play in a really fun, 
fast hardcore band for a long time and I feel 
really fortunate to have finally fallen upon these 

C: Awwww. That's very touching. 
J: Oh, I hate them and everything, but hey they 
are into the same music and that's all that mat- 

Dan (D): My name is Dan and I'm the drummer 
for the band and I guess I am the drummer be- 
cause I ... 

...own a drum kit. 

D: ...own a drum kit. There's a pretty good rea- 

Muga (M): My name is Muga and I play guitar. 
C: be- 
cause he 
needs to 

D: be- 
cause we 
find a gui- 
tar player. 

Alright, let's just kick this off with a slightly 
unorthodized manner. What is the reptilian 
conspiracy ? 

C: Well, basically it is an ancient Babylonian 
bloodline. It's polluting our scene. There's many 
reptilian bands RAMALLAH being one of them. 
What are some of the others ? ONE LIFE CREW. 
D: And DEATHFIRST I believe is also apart of 




GLW being interviewed by Simon. 

C: We're sick of it. They feel it's 

Do you want to explain this ? 
C: I don't think it needs any ex- 

D: I thought that was pretty clear. 
I don't know. I understood it. 
Okay are you finished wast- 
ing our time, should we get on 
with the next question. Holly- 
wood makes a feature film of 
WHORES story. Who plays 
each of you ? 

C: Jason would be played by 
Keannu Reeves (loads of laugh- 
J: I have this blank vacant look ^^^°" °" ^^^^ 

all the time and I am extremely hot and bisexual 
(more laughter). 

C: There is a woman at a Chinese restaurant in 
Winnipeg that said he looks exactly like Keannu 

D: No he doesn't look hot. 
J: Yes I do (even more laughter). 
C: I don't know .... who would play... 
J: Tom Green would play Cameron. Macaulay 
Culkin with black hair dye would play Dan. 
C: I would hope that we could get John Waters 
to.... no forget it. 
J: John Waters would direct it. 
Okay and who would play Muga ? 
J: Muga would play himself because he is a 
total star. He's ready to ride that escalator to 

Okay speaking of becoming a star, how is 
the tour going ? 

J: The tour was a lot of fun. We had the pleas- 
ure of playing in raw sewage twice. Even though 
three of us are straight edge, we experienced 
hundreds of broken beer bottles in our pres- 
ence. Kind of an offering to us. 
C: Shout outs to the Menomonie Thrash 

J: Yeah the Menomonie Thrash Retard Unit. 
They are our homeboys. 
How many shows did you actually play ? 
J: We played 7 shows. 
And how did you hook them up ? 
J: We hooked them up through hundreds and 
hundreds of e-mails as well as correspondence 
with various friends of mine. I 
decided that since we are going 
to be releasing a record on Pu- 
trid Filth Conspiracy it would 
be a great opportunity to hit 
the road, something I have al- 
ways wanted to do. So I got in 
touch with some friends and 
they recommended some peo- 
ple who would be into promot- 
ing shows and after lots of 
months of very persistent cor- 
respondence and planning we 
got the tour down. It was an 
experience. Something we can 
hopefully build upon in the fu- 


D: Blah, blah, blah, 
blah blah, blah... 
C: Hey he (Dan) has 
nothing to say be- 
cause Jason booked 
this tour. The rest of 
us just sat around. 
I understand why 
you had to go on 
the road. Winni- 
peg actually 
sounds like a 
pretty shit city. 
Why do you stay 
there ? 

J: I have actually 
thought about mov- Cam screaming 

ing from Winnipeg in recent years but things 
have improved a lot with my situation. Number 
One, I got this band going. It's something that 
is very important and special to me. Even 
though it is something that I shouldn't take too 








Muga on Guitar 

seriously it is something that is very relevant 

to my everyday life. 

Are you one of these "my band" guys ? 

J: "My Band" ? 

C: That's Jason to a "T". 

J: I think I am one of those "my band" guys. 

But I am not even 
remotely profes- 
sional. I am ob- 
sessed, but not 
Winnipeg has a 
great scene. 
Yeah you have 
and... {said face- 


GANDHI is a 
great band. I do 
like them a lot. 
C: I stay in 

Dan on Drums 

Winnipeg for the Porno, Mike Ta 
Life, Requeima and DEAD 
STOCK CRUSHER, personally. 
J: In the last couple of years, the 
scene has improved a lot, people 
are getting along. We have had a lot 
of great bands start up, DEAD 
STAR CRUSHER is just one of 
them. We played our first date in 
Minneapolis. HEAD HITS CON- 
PLAN OF ATTACK, what are they 
called now? 
C: I don't know. 

J: FIRST STRIKE or something like 
that. I don't know what they are 
called but they are a good band. 
They just changed their band name. 
Lots of great, fast hardcore bands have started 

As opposed to a slow hardcore band. 
J: There is a lot of christian hardcore and jud 
jud crap prior to about two years ago. 
Yuck. Okay explain what happened with 
P,EC, Are they that hard up or what ? 
J: I hardly think they are desperate for import- 
ing foreign talent. There are a lot of great Swed- 
ish bands in existence still. Basically, I corre- 
spond with Rodrigo's - of Putrid Filth Con- 
spiracy - bandmate in SEWN SHUT, Patrick. I 
forwarded him what was originally intended to 
be a demo and Patrick made Rodrigo listen to it 
and Rodrigo immediately wanted to release this 
as a 10", without re-recording it. 
M: We have to give a big shout out to Craig 
Boychuk for recording this. He did a really good 
job with this. 

C: It's a pretty weird thing. I don't think I 
would have had the balls to have released a 10" 
with 2 covers on it, but I don't know, it was 
intended as a demo and... 
J: It was a 4-track tape recording, very master- 
fully done by our friend Craig Boychuk... 
M: Who plays in BLASPHENAUT, and they 
are awesome. 

Okay and something went wrong with the 
record. You didn't get them in time. What's 
up with that ? 

J: Well because of .... did you want to answer 
that one Cam ? 

C: Well somebody better cut you off (laugh- 
ter). Anyway, I don't know. I 
think the pressing plant is in the 
Czech Republic and it had to be 
shipped from there to Sweden 
where the label is located and then 
they had to ship half of them to 
Winnipeg and half of them to 
Minneapolis to Felix for our first 
tour date. There was no way they 
were going to get here in time. 
And luckily we jumped on it and 
got some CDs. I don't know. 
Hopefully they will be there by 
the time we get home, but I highly 
doubt it. 
What is the hardest thing you 

have ever done ? 

C: Uuummmm. Jason must have something to 

J: The hardest thing I have ever decided to do 
was.... I don't know....geez. I think the hardest 
situations are probably very personal. 
So what is the greatest failure or regret 
you have in life ? 

J: Actually I have a lot of failures in my life, 
but I don't live my life regretting things. Mis- 
takes are in the past and you just look towards 
the future. 

Anyone else for personal failures, Cam ? 
C: I think there is too many to mention here. I 
am going to try and condense it. Uhhhh. 
D: How about being born, for one. 
C: That's not my fault. 
Now speaking of personal failures, as I un- 
derstand it Jason does have an outstanding 
court order restricting him from consort- 
ing with males under the age 17 or being 
within 500 yards of them or public school 
areas {laughter)^ how did you manage to get 
across the border with two minors in your 

J: Really good question. 
C: Fake I.D. I would like to thank Philip Tessier 
in Winnipeg. I don't know who you are but 
you saved my butt. 

J: I'm not sure if that is actually saving your 
butt if I am able to travel in your van. 
And finally, two questions, two parts to this 
question. You have to answer this each in- 
dividually. I don't want a collective answer. 
Best 5 U.S. hardcore LPs. 
C: Oh Fuck, I am going to go first. Number one 
is the VOID/ FAITH split. Number two is 




From Left to Right: Jason on bass and Cam on vocals 

From Left to Right: Jason on bass, Cam on vocals, and 
Muga on guitar 

"Damaged" by BLACK FLAG. Number three 

is the first MDC LP. 

Yeah that's a real rager {said facetiously), 

C: Fuck, It's perfect. Flawless. Number four ... 
I always have trouble when I get to this point. 
I had my top three picked out ahead of time. 

C: Yeah, "Is This My World" should be up 
there. I am going to put "Is This My World" in 
the top 5 and also... I don't know... it is really 
hard for me to say. Maybe the ADOLES- 
CENTS. I'm not sure. 

J: "Slave" by INFEST has to be up there, "Dam- 
aged" by BLACK FLAG, "Detestation" by 


That's not American. 

J: Oh it has to be American ? {lots of laughter) 
I don't know. My attitudes kind of change day- 
by-day so I'm not sure what my response is, 
but INFEST is up there. 
In lieu of further best U.S. hardcore LPs, 
tell us some Mitch stories. 
C: Mitch is this crazy bastard from Winnipeg 
who, there was a major pile on at a show and he 
took that as an opportunity to sodomize me 
with a beer bottle. You know, the suction is 
incredible. If you haven't experienced it, I hope 
you never do. There is videos of this guy riding 
around on his bicycle and pissing in his own 

face. He has no shame. He ran 
into this church and started sing- 
ing in the choir, dropped his pants. 
About two hours later he found 
that he lost his wallet and returned 
to this church and they just looked 
at him, and they knew exactly 
what the fuck was going down, but 
they just said to him, "Oh we 
haven't seen it. The Lord works in 
mysterious ways." So they were 
richer for his stupidity. 
J: Not that long ago he was hang- 
ing out at a bar with my brother 
and they were sitting beside this 

lady and Mitch decided it would 

be really cool to unzip and piss on 
this woman's dress. So he proceeded to do so 
and then this woman freaked out thinking it 
was my brother and it turned out that this 
woman was an off-duty cop. So my brother 
almost got his ass kicked. 
What were the ramifications of that ? 
C: I don't know about that specific incidence, 
but I think in another similar situation he pissed 
on some guy in a bar, he proceeded to beat the 
living shit out of him, and as any person in 
their right mind probably would, and he 
couldn't prove when Mitch pressed charges 
that Mitch had pissed on him so I think Mitch 

won quite a large sum of money for having 
pissed on this guy and taken a beating. 

C: Oh yeah. For sure. 

Anything further to add. I'm sure people 
think you are thoroughly boring individu- 
als now. Do you have any last comments to 
redeem yourselves with ? 
C: We had to redeem ourselves with Mitch sto- 
ries. We don't have any of our own. 
J: Basically, I'd like to thank you for setting up 
a last minute show at Planet Kensington as 
well as hooking up this radio gig, which is a ton 
of fun. I would like to thank Stephe and Mark 
and all the sound guys here. I would especially 
like to thank Jon and Katie for coming out to 
see us and for Jon for loaning us a bass guitar 
when I smashed it into little pieces at the Planet 
Kensington. If you liked what you heard to- 
night definitely check out our home page at We have a 10" 
coming out on Putrid Filth Conspiracy^dXWiW 
be available days from now, hopefully. That's 
all I have to say. 

C: If you liked what you heard tonight, get 
your ears checked. It's a miracle our songs are 
so short when Jason has so much to say. 
J: You know what, Muga, Dan, you have been 
bitching this entire interview. Why don't you 
say something. 

D: I don't think I have anything to say, actu- 
ally. You little shithead 
J: I'm going to beat the crap out of you 
Alright, that's the end of that band. 

Guns, Liquor & Whores 10" is called "Serpico" 
and is now out on P.F.C. They are still together 
and you can reach them in care of Jason Penner 
/Apt. 3-431 StradbrookAve. / Winnipeg, MB/ 
R3L 0J7 / Canada. They each have e-mail 
addresses. For Cam write 

fisting666(^,hotmail. com, Jason write 
radiost8(^,escape. ca, Dan write 

xthrash_lifestylex(^,, and Muga 
write quittheband(^,hotmail. com . 

--■ ikl Z 



Ass End Offend "Becoming our Destruction" ep 

ECONOCHRIST inspired hardcore from Montana. 

Featuring members from DISGRUNTLED 

NATION "Becoming our Destruction" is ASS END 

OFFEND's first release. The vocalist sounds like 

Sam from BORN AGAINST - very tortured and 

anguished with a scream that lingers. This is only 

facilitated by a style of hardcore that is mid-tempo 

and has a tendency to build. In comparison to today's scenes where emphasis 

is placed on speed this is a great break from the norm. I don't want to give 

you the impression they aren't fast - each song reaches manic paces, but 

they all start off slow. Regardless, ASS END OFFEND play some of the 

best, most honest hardcore I have heard in awhile. (Poisoned Candy Records 

/ RO. Box 9263 / Missoula, MT / 59807 / USA) - SP 

Blowback "Remember oneself CDEP 

Very much a genre exercise here, but a devastating 

one at that, as BLOWBACK turn in four songs of 

powerful, solid Japanese hardcore in the vein of 

PAINTBOX. As with that band, the throat-searing 

vocals and excellent lead guitar work are delivered 

with a consistently quick, driving tempo by a 

flawlessly tight rhythm section and full, meaty 

production work by PAINTBOX/DEATH SIDE guitarist Chelsea does little 

to discourage the comparison. "Remember oneself represents a significant 

improvement over BLOWBACK's solid but less distinctive debut, and is 

sure to leave fans of sophisticated hardcore punk salivating over the prospect 

of a full-length from this Niigata Burning Spirits powerhouse. (HG Fact / 

105 Nakano Shinbashi-M, 2-7-15 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano, Tokyo, 164-0013 

Japan) - SH 

Bombstrike "Kaos och Djavulskap" CD 

BOMBSTRIKE are a five piece from Sweden 

playing some incredible d-beat in the vein of 

UNCURBED or MEANWHILE. I think the Swedes 

have d-beat running through their genome. There 

are two vocalists - one with severe gasoline damage 

and the other with a propensity towards cookie 

monster impersonations. Fortunately the cookie 

monster only does rare back ups. So you have guttural vocals, a two guitar 

barrage of sound, a charging bulldozer bass, and galloping drums. All the 

songs clock in at the two minute mark, pulled together like some of the best 

POISON IDEA. If you can't say it in two minutes then you were never 

going to say it. And there is a KAAOS cover to clinch this. (Yellow Dog 

records / P.O. Box 550 208 / 103 72 Berlin / Germany / 

- SP 

Flesh, The CDep 

Metal influenced Japanese rock that passes for 

punk, complete with sweeping guitar solo wankage, 

and charging bass lines that eventually fade into 

MOTORHEAD worship. The production is big 

sounding. The first song has some neat guitar 

ringing a la JUDGE. The second song is more 

traditional Jap-core sounding. The last track seems 

to slow down with more of an oi feel to it. This is very good for what it is. 

(Pump Up Records / Japan / e-mail: 

- SP 

Forward "Fucked up" CD 

I was never a huge fan of FORWARD. While their pedigree (ex-DEATH 
SIDE and BASTARD, in my opinion the two finest Japcore bands of all 
time) is undeniable and their records delivered all the expected power and 
energy, something was missing and the vinyl rarely found its way onto my 
turntable. Still, I dutifully shelled out the $30 to see them play — with no 
opening acts — at the legendary Antiknock in Tokyo last year, and the 
subsequent jaw-dropping 90 minutes of absolutely top-notch Burning Spirits 
hardcore made me an instant convert; easily one of the best sets I've ever 
seen. This is the first new FORWARD I've heard since that gig, and I'm into 
it. Their style remains the taut, muscular hardcore of previous efforts, but 
it somehow seems to have acquired a new distinctiveness and spark over the 

course of these eight songs, from the piledriving thrash of "Simple true" to 
the subtle melodicism of "Failure". Still perhaps not quite on the level of 
the genre's best records, but well worth acquiring, and I would recommend 
that anyone given a chance to experience them live do so without hesitation, 
because it's in that environment that they really shine. Hopefully the next 
record will truly capture their potential. (HG Fact/105 Nakano Shinbashi- 
M, 2-7-15 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano, Tokyo, 164-0013 Japan) - SH 

Getaway, The "What Can You Do" CD 

THE GETAWAY have that straight edge pop punk 

sound that was initially carved out by bands like 


the like. Their sound is clean-cut, polished, pop 

punk that is way too syrupy to trust. It will make 

you feel good when you listen to it and you will 

remember their songs, but you get the feeling that 

this is just a stepping stone on their way to being the next WEEZER. So 

how long will they be writing these catchy songs played at a decent pace? 

Most of these songs have ballad parts in them. I guess that's alright if you 

like PROMISE RING. For now "What Can You Do?" will be a release to 

remember for this band, but how much will they loose with the next one. 

The singer does sometimes sound like the singer from CHIXDIGGIT. I also 

wanted to mention that the cover art is misleading. It has a Raymond 

Pettibon feel which will leave you expecting some BLACK FLAG tribute, 

which is not the GETAWAY. (Re-define Records / 28 Industrial Street, Unit 

116 / Toronto, ON / M4G 1Y9 / Canada) - SP 

Hellbound / Despite split CD 

HELLBOUND have this Swedish crust sound but 

one of the singers sounds like the singer of the 

ACUSED with twisted gargled tasmanian devil 

vocals. They remind me of a local band 

LEGION666, but with a crazier sounding vocalist. 

HELLBOUND have a pretty huge sound the way 

HIS HERO IS GONE could get pretty big. And 

HELLBOUND are from Canada which is also very cool. DESPITE hail 

from Wisconsin, I believe. Their sound is tuned down. They have two 

vocalists, as well, one with the cookie monster vocals gutteral vocals and 

one with the Sam McPheeters held screams of anguish feel. They play a 

little bit more sloppy and frantic, but the music they generate is also heavy 

on the crust. A good pairing but HELLBOUND would win the tug-o-war 

competition of which side to listen to more often. (Powerblast c/o Jannick 

/ RO. Box 80, Station C / Montreal, QC / H2L 4J7 / Canada) - SP 

Order "Taep' O-Dong" CD 

Can't honestly say that my expectations of "Taep' 

O-Dong" were as high as those I usually hold for 

Japcore LPs, but I'm happy to have been proven 

wrong on that count. Named for the North Korean 

ballistic missile that will apparently soon threaten 

Japan's cities with thermonuclear incineration, this 

record fittingly packs a considerable sonic punch. 

ORDER largely avoid the Burning metallic sound of their Japcore 

contemporaries, opting instead for a UK82 attack informed by the likes of 

the EXPLOITED and ONE WAY SYSTEM in its steady, powerful riffing 

and singalong elements. However, the huge, razor-sharp production and 

wild lead guitar work betray their origin and thankfully allow them to 

escape the mediocrity and staleness that now define the countless other 

bands content to merely recycle the classic "punk and disorderly" Britpunk 

style. (HG Fact/105 Nakano Shinbashi-M, 2-7-15 Yayoi-Cho, Nakano, 

Tokyo, 164-0013 Japan) - SH 


Put to Shame "War, Punk & Plaid" CD 

Holy fuckin' Chi-Pig batman. Mark's voice sounds 

like the singer of SNFU back in the "And No One 

Else Wanted to Play..." era. Mark was the singer in 

HOCKEY TEETH and he is in this new band with 

some cats from Guelph (CENTRIFUGE) and 

Leamington (TENSION). There was a band from 

the London area called the BLACK DONNELLYS 

and they had this incredible demo come out. Well the pace, song structure 

and sound of PUT TO SHAME are a chip off of the BLACK DONNELLYS 

block, which probably means nothing to most readers. The DONNELLYS 

had this way of creating a momentum by building on the internal ryhme of 

a song and it kept coming at you like a relentless attack. And the singer had 

a melody while he screamed about serious subjects. Mark has that same 
ability while he sings about spousal abuse ("Love Can be Murder"), child 
molestation ("The Death of Innocence"), and a world of inequity ("World 
of Hate"). For the most part the concept seems to be like BAD RELGION 
in that they deliver serious issues to a rhythmic punk song, but PUT TO 
SHAME do know how to have a laugh (see "Put to Shame"). And the 
UNIFORM CHOICE cover is a great bonus that completely works with 
Mark's style of singing held notes. I love this 6 song recording because of 
the melody, the grit and the well balanced style approach to hardcore. (Put 
to Shame / RO. Box 75021 Millcroft Postal Outlet / Burlington, ON / L7L 
2C4 / e-mail: ) - SP 

Rammer CD 

Holy double bass drum peddle attack. This is metal 

to the 9's done by some folks in the hardcore scene. 

And the Bonzai cover art and military satan sketches 

look suspiciously crossover influenced. I know that 

Esther and Al both come from the punk scene, but 

having shared a rehearsal space with this band the 

stories about Sean make him a cut from the real 

McCoy. So you have an underground metal recording with some crossover 

appeal. They playing straight-on riffing metal. Not the extremes found in 

speed metal or death metal, which have both have a foothold in the hardcore 

scene, but straight forward rock influenced metal. That's really as far as I 

can go because I don't really know my metal. You've got the bass peddle 

mayhem, "Run to the Hills"-type guitar duelling, and a pace that stays 

pretty mid-tempo in comparison to the other genres of metal. (Shifty / 

RO. Box 13056 / Akron, OH / 44334 / USA) - SP 

Sugar Pie Koko ep 

This used to be a band called GREED, but I don't 
know who they were. I do get the sense that they 
were from Sweden. Anyway, they have changed their 
name to SUGAR PIE KOKO. I'm not sure that this 
was a move for the better, but please don't judge 
this book by it's name. This is a lot different from 
what I hear on Sounds of Betrayal with exception 
to LAST SECURITY. There is a lot of variety in SUGAR PIE KOKO's 
sound. The first song sounds like a straight forward mid-tempo hardcore 
song. They do a couple of fastcore numbers. They end side 1 with a pop 
punk song. Side two has an emo song and then they dip back to some 
fastcore to bail them out of the depths they have sunk. Fortunately, the 
band doesn't sound schizophrenic. All these styles sound completely at 
home with SUGAR PIE KOKO. I don't think I have ever heard anyone pull 
this kind of diversity like SPK. I do think they need a different three letter 
acronym though. Oh yeah, the cover kind of looks like the first CWV ep. 
And to begin to pull in all the other influences of LAST SECURITY, h- 
100s, D4, and the like would just confuse things. (Sounds of Betrayal / Box 
7092 / 200 42 Malmo / Sweden / e-mail: - SP 

Viimeinen Kolonna "Aisten Juhlaa" CD 

While this "Aisten juhlaa" is being advertised as a 

throwback to the '82 Finnish sound of TERVEET 

KADET et al, it is clearly beholden to more recent 

influences. Although the frantic tempos and barked 

vocals are certainly trademarks of classical Finnish 

hardcore, the much cleaner production and often 

very metallic structures are not. This isn't a 

complaint, however; the noise-drenched rage of the seminal Finnish outfits 

might have been admirable for its savage purity, but it also made for a lot of 

very similar-sounding records and a quickly encroaching sense of redundancy 

(purists will of course contest this, but give me the more varied palette of 

early Swedish 'core any day). VK's willingness to adopt other influences 

ultimately makes for a much more interesting and listenable record, and as 

such, this comes highly recommended. (Hardcore Holocaust/ PO Box 26742, 

Richmond VA, 23261 USA) - SH 

V/A "Garanterat Mob 47" Cassette 

This is a tribute comp to MOB 47, by bands from Sweden (with the exception 
of SCORNED and AKKOLYTE), packaged on the old school format of a 
cassette tape. Side B is two different sessions by the greats themselves, one 
from Feb '85 and one taken from their last ever rehearsal. I think this is the 
"bonus" mentioned on the spine of the cassette. So getting back to the 
comp side, here are some comments on the contributors. 
SPRECKFORLOSSNING have a very fuzzed out DISKONTO sound; HALK 





S^L^ f^ip^Muf^U^n 




share a similar likeness to MOB 47; VAPNAD 

KONFLIKT suffer from some distant sounding 

production, but you can tell they would be a great 

band live; AKKOLYTE have great sound, but shitty 

ass grind vocals; KURBITS I.R. are outstanding, as 

usual; CROSSING CHAOS deliver some manic, 

urgent sounding d-beat excusing their experimental 

intro to "Dom Longer"; the WARMACHINE 

recording suffers from ghetto blaster production; 

HELLSHIT deliver the d-beat goods; while 

SPECIALPATRULLEN have something more traditional sounding by way 

of an earlier sound, closer to street punk; the SCORNED are the SCORNED 

and are totally at home with a comp like this even though they are from 

Minneapolis. It's hit and miss with some of this stuff, but definitely worth 



the DRI cover ("Couch Slouch") at the end of the MOB 47 side is pretty 

stellar, as well. 

(A.L.P. Tapes c/o Krogh / Edgrensg. 27 / 67150 Arvika / Sweden / e-mail: 

Various Artists "Murderous Grind Attack" CD 

Max packs them in on his comps. On this particular collaboration 17 
bands from Japan and the states battle it out, most participating with more 
than one song. HE WHO CORRUPTS, from Chicago, start off with their 
metal influenced blast beat mayhem. Their titles are long and biting like 


Nation of Finks CD-R demo - featured on the 

November 3rd program 

NATION OF FINKS are a four piece from 

Glasgow Scotland, formed as a side project to 

SHANK and featuring members of. A little bit 

more of a youth crew sound to their power 

violence norm they still know how to pick it up 

a notch. The vocals reminds me of a local group 

SUDDEN IMPACT, but FINAL CONFLICT can alos make the point 

here. NATION OF FINKS borrow on SCHOLASTIC DETH's formula 

of combining youth crew and grind in all the best ways, (e-mail 

^^_>i rii^lr I 





Black Eyes Club CD-R - featured on the 

November 10th program 

The BLACK EYES CLUB are a four piece from 

Hamilton. This recording is recent. The 

production on it is muddy, so their pace is faster 

than what you hear, but it eventually catches 

up. And the sound is overmodulated, but that 

just means they played louder than what the 

levels could handle. At times you are fighting to make out their sound 

and when you do hear it there is a great rumble of bass and guitar being 

played at a good clip. They sound like a muddier version of 9 SHOCKS. 

But there is one other significant difference. The song titles are long 

and pointed, the way that SWALLOWING SHIT wrote songs. Some 

great biting sarcastic humour. (363 East 18^^ Street / Hamilton, ON / 

L9A 4P7 / Canada / e-mail: / Web: http:// ) 

Soothe "Fisf demo - featured on the November 
24th program 

SOOTHE are a four piece from Japan that play 
current day fastcore thrash. The sound is very 
much like 9 SHOCKS TERROR with the rolling 
LIP CREAM bass lines and the crashing 
galloping drum barrage. The vocals distinguish 
them from their Cleveland counterparts in that 
they are very youthful and high pitched 
screaming that reminds me a lot of RAZOR'S 
EDGE. This is the band's second demo and 
SOOTHE have just had an ep come out on 
Devour Records. 

CHARLES BRONSON. BROB are from Japan and 
have the same blastbeat fixation. But their vocalist 
has a darth vader effect on his vocals. If you clue 
that out, the band is good. Denver's CATHETER 
brings a fury of grind that explodes from all ends. It 
is great and un-matched on this comp. Nagoya's 
UNHOLY GRAVE contribute some of their best 
stuff yet. When the singer doesn't sound like a 
barking dog he sounds like a Chinese horn. I don't know how though. Then 
Tokyo's MORE NOISE FOR LIFE answer in with four show stoppers of 
their politically charged grind. They call themselves power violence, but 
they are more straight forward then the power violence gods require. 
KALIBAS is from NY and I have never heard of them. They dish up a metal 
attack of brutal beats and screeching unlike anything on Relapse. THE 
INDEX traverse the range of fast and slow, pushing the limits of this 
extreme form of music. Yokohama's RENEGADE bring back the blast beat. 
There is a picture of the drummer and it looks like it is raining shreds from 
his drum sticks. It's the perfect picture to go with their music. And then 
VULGAR PIGEONS turn it up three notches for some skull knocking 
turbulence. Nissan City's INSANE'N THE BRAIN contribute some tortured 
sounding material that starts off with a sample in French and then launches 
into a pummeling of their own. PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER, out of 
Houston, drop two tracks of shreiking anguished goodness. Osaka's 
BATHTUB SHITTER elevate this with two new ones and a SORE THROAT 
cover. REFORM CONTROL are a lot more intense then I remember them 
as their songs are a barrage of intensity. Buffalo's PARADE OF THE 
LIFELESS quickly follow suit. PHOBIA and GODSTOMPER close this 
chapter. Pretty brain rattling. (625 Productions / P.O. Box 423413 / San 
Francisco, CA / 94142-3413 / USA) - SP 

zine reviews 

(em) zine. Issue #15 - 6-1/4" x 6-1/4", 48 pgs. 


This issue has a bike theme, which is great because 

I am down with bike riding. Jered, one of the 

editors, captures part of the adrenalin rush behind 

riding a bike in his intro column, while Jess writes 

about some of the inquiries for her passion with 

the past-time. There is a very cool all seasons 

riders guide, but I have to give up riding in December because this brutal 

Canadian winters make it too cold to ride. But the author lives in Edmonton, 

and if you can survive an Edmonton winter I have no reason to complain. 

There is a report on a critical mass ride in Minneapolis and an article 

arguing in favour of biking as your commuter transportation. There is 

another piece on the issue of allowing bikes in skateparks. And there is an 

interview with a friend of theirs that runs a bike store called Vanilla Bicycle. 

On top of all this, there are some music reviews and a set of reviews on 

skateparks in the Northwest. And there is an interview with a band that 

they will be releasing called THE NOVEMBER GROUR They also just 

released the RESERVE 34 CD which is incredible. The design is beautiful. 

The cover is printed with greyscale and silver and looks incredible, ((em) / 

RO. Box 14728 / Portland, OR / 97293-0728 / USA) 

Game of the Arseholes, issue #5 - 8-1/2" x 
11", 24 pgs, $2.00 ppd. 

This is the zine that made me want to start doing 
a radio zine. The latest installment has moved 
from it's four page format into a full size zine. It 
is choked full of goodness on the Japanese and 
Swedish crust scenes in particular. The author has 
been a regularly to the more recent "Files from 
the Scumpit" sections in MRR, which for those 
who don't know are archival retro-looks back at 
the origins of punk and hardcore. Stuart's were 


- iJ IJX" 

nijhe arK" 






fe r ■ n k 

the best that I have read, completely well researched, and his writing gives 
you a sense of what music really sounds like and possibly answers some of 
the reasons for why it has that sound. Stuart is probably one of the best 
writers in hardcore at the moment. His latest issue is no exception and 
includes an incredible summation of some current crust entitled "Raw Shif . 
It provides so much by way of perspective that really it is a learner's guide. 
There is also an excellent show account in Japan of a GAUZE show and a 
PAINTBOX show written by Jonas Cacchioni who is one half of Ugly Pop 
Records. Stuart also writes about this incredible New Year's Eve show in 

Portland called "New Year's Eve Noise Attack Volume 2" which includes 
details of record store accounts as well as live show accounts. There is a Top 
5 review called "Total Noise Addiction" and a review section that is detailed 
beyond belief. Stuart is also a huge fan of what he writes about and is 
generous by offering trades or cheap taped versions of things he has reviewed 
and reproduced cover artwork and flyer artwork for the collector nerd in us 
all. If you get any zine this year, get GOTA #5. (Stuart Shrader / 9 Fenwick 
Road / Whippany, NJ / 07981 / USA) 


IL ^ 

Wavelength, Issue #34 (November 2002) - 8-1/ 

2" X 5-1/2", 28 pgs, free 

This is a local indie rock zine and I think it is 

produced by the folks at "no beat radio" here at 

CIUT. But I think this zine is larger than the radio 

show as there are quite a few folks in the masthead. 

In this issue there is interviews with 





SEVENS. One of the guys from SICK LIPSTICK 

was in STANDING 8. The interviews are generally funny and show a lot of 

personality. There are great photos that reproduce well. There is tidbits of 

news from different corners of this scene and quite a few columns including 

one from Jonny Dovercourt of KID SNIPER / Eye fame. (868 Dovercourt 

Road / Toronto, ON / M6H 2X5 / e-mail: / 




THEY LIVE have an LP coming out on 625 Productions * 625 is also 
releasing an I QUIT ep, a vinyl version of the "Mosh Circle Jerk Punks" 

comp, a second part to the 
"Possessed to Skate" comp which 
will be a 10", a BREAKFAST LP, 
an Indonesian bands (DOMESTIK 
DOKTRIN) a band from Singapore 
(XSECRETX), and a collection of 
SPITFIRE (the old Sapporo band) 
material. Fuck. * DOWNBELOWS 
have self-fmanced their debut CD 
called "Queen & Bathurst" which 

They Live 

has 13 songs on it and is being co-released by the SINISTERS label 
October 32nd. Do yourselves a favour and spend the $5.00 on this disk. 
You can pick it up through the DOWNBELOWS at 19 Whitaker Avenue 
/ Toronto, ON / M6J 1A2 / e-mail: / 
Web: * READY TO FIGHT have broken 
up but two members have started a new band called SHOOT TO KILL 
and they have a demo out already * CAREER SUICIDE will be releasing 
an ep on Kangaroo after their LP on Ugly Pop * the debut UNCLE 
CHARLES ep is out entitled "Actions Speak Louder than Words", limited 
to 300 copies. UNCLE CHARLES features members of HUMAN 
WASTE * The CLASS have changed their name to ACTION * Rodrigo 
of PFC fame has a new band called WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED and 
they have an ep out anytime now on one of his labels. By the sounds of 
it, it will probably be way more intense then INTENSITY. The release 
has been held up due to problems with the artwork of the 
COUNTERBLAST LP, which was too offensive for the printers to 
print. * Watch out for a 
CRUNKY KIDS split on 
Hibachi * 

recorded two new eps worth 
of material and are looking for 
someone to release it * HATE 
UNIT, also from Finland, have 
new material recorded and are 
looking for a label * 




FRIDAY DECEMBER 13th @ The Dungeon (44 Bond St. Oshawa), 

All Ages, $7 @ door - JERKBANK CD release party for "Full Tilt" 





SATURDAY DECEMBER 14th @ Thrasheteria (Guelph) - CLOSET 


SUNDAY DECEMBER 15th @ Oasis, 1:00 pm Matinee show - 



- Kung Fu Fridays- FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th @ Royal Cinema, 9:45 

pm - Film: Mad Mad Kung Fu. Description: A noodle-vendor comes to 

the aid of a beggar being harrassed by town bullies, and gets trapped into 

becoming a hero. Though h"s a good fighter, the beggar is better, but 

hides the fact and calls the noodle vendor "Bamboo Stick," the name for 

a fierce protector of the people. Problems arise for our hero when Master 

Lung seeks revenge for the death of his son at the hands of the real 

Bamboo Stick. Get ready for body -twist-motion-combat! The way that 

these actors can wrap their bodies around one another in endless 

combinations boogies the mind! Twister Kung Fu! 

FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th @ the Kathedral, All Ages, $5 @ door - 

JERKBANK CD release party for "Full Tilt" with the CLASS 



FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th @ Thrasheteria (Peterborough) - 


FRIDAY DECEMBER 20th @ Sneaky Dee's - VULGAR DELI (from 


Dion Conflict uresePita 

kj^at THEV know WILL hyr* yau^ 

A rare lUf\tt screening or 
this long Icist class-ic 

Thursi February bth 

Royal Cinema 

One Sicr-ie-ening only i\ ^piii U\A -College St- Ue^t or Oathiurst.) 
*h for Festivil Herbersi *i for non-riEn-bers 

SATURDAYDECEMBER21st@ 119b King Street (Kitchener), $5.00 


SUNDAY DECEMBER 22nd @ Planet Kensington - UNCIVILIZED 

(from Montreal), FUCKNUCKLES 


- Wounded Paw Records Party - SATURDAY JANUARY 4TH @ 
Sneaky Dee's - the MURDERSQUAD T.O., POLIDICKS, 

- Free Films at Innis - FRIDAY JANUARY lOTH @ Innis Town Hall, 
7:00 pm. Free - Film: Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner 

- Conflict Archives presents - THURSDAY FEBRUARY 6TH @ Royal 
Cinema, 9:00 pm - FILM: Eyes Behind the Stars 

If there is a show that you know about that isn 't on this list, please 
forward it onto us at 


"haiku...gesundheit" Dbl LP or CD 

band from Victoria, BC who experimented with the fusion of 
jazz and grindcore. Principal songwriter and guitarist Kev 
Smith was formerly in the legendary NEOS and the earlier MPA material 
bears some resemblance to the NEOS writing style, particularly in terms of 
speed, impact, sense of humour and brief song duration. Much of the early 
MPA material references the NEOS hardcore style while also incorporating 
more diverse ideas. Fans of STARK RAVING MAD, FYP, PAGAN FAITH, 
TH'INBRED, VICTIM'S FAMILY, and others from the intellectual fast 
geek-core school will doubtless find MPA to their liking. Order your copy by 
writing Ragamuffin Soldier Records c/o Stephen Perry at 35 Raglan Ave., 
Unit 204 / Toronto, ON / M6C 2K7 / Canada. $12.00ppd. for a vinyl format 
and $6.00 for CD.